Japan (Tokyo).


A week in Japan made for a very packed adventurous week. It did NOT disappoint. First of all, Tokyo is UNREAL. As a girl who loves cities, subways and everything in between I was in heaven. I hate cars, and they honestly don’t really likeme. If you are impressed with Chicago, Boston, or NYC’s subway system – nothing compares to the largest city in the world.

A little glimpse:

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Here’s the thing. The buildings of Tokyo areenough to make you love the city, but I first got off at Shibuya which is the “Times Square” of Tokyo and it was awesome! It also has the largest pedestrian crossing in the world. So make sure to make your way through that overwhelming crosswalk. 🙂

It was New Years Day, so we made sure to go to a shrine, and then ventured over to Roppongi which I would call a very fancy neighborhood. For New Years the Tokyo tower was all lit up and said “2016” and everything was strung with lights. Here is where I believe I got the best view of the city, and of Tokyo Tower.

This view was accomplished all thanks to Roppongi Hills which is one of Japan’s largest integrated property developments and has a museum, movie theater, shops and more. We went through an architectural museum, took pictures of the view and had some drinks (of iced tea). I am really glad I got to see an overview of the giant city!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And the lights – pictures can’t do this justice!


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I would highly recommend Roppongi if you have limited time in Tokyo – especially if you appreciate the beauty of a city!

Of course, one day in Tokyo is just not enough. Next, we went to Ginza. Again, many people I think would recommend this neighborhood. We checked out the Tsukiji Fish Market  – largest fish market in the world! It is moving in 2016 – but here is a helpful website to help navigate how to get there etc.


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Great for pictures, photographers!

Here you can have the freshest sushi you may ever have in your life. I had mine with some sake, and tried fish eggs, and other things….



Close by is also a beautiful Temple…after all, you are in Japan:

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Also in Ginza we saw a traditional Kabuki play at the theater. All characters are played by men (therefore, men play women, which in itself is quite comical). I would highly recommend getting the tablet with the English translation – it was cheap and we could laugh along with everyone because well, we understood what was going on. The whole play is many acts and can be about 4 hours. We bought a ticket for one act which was nice to get a glimpse of what it was like! Although if we had more time I would have liked to stay for the whole thing. More info on the play here.


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After the show


One of the last things we did, was (from afar), was check out the Emperor’s Palace. You can walk by the moat, and see it in the distance but I feel as if it is a must to see!


We had two days in Tokyo and saw pretty awesome neighborhoods, but we could have spent SO much time there. The rest of our trip consisted of Enoshima, Hakone, and Yokahoma. I will make sure to blog about those places soon!

Japan did not disappoint! Mostly because of who I was with, and how much he showed me. ❤

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Love always,




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